Chelsea Costa

Lovely Indeed began in September of 2010, shortly after Chelsea got engaged. She was looking for a way to organize thoughts, plans, and projects for her upcoming wedding, and a blog seemed the best way to do it. She called it Lovely Indeed (because isn’t life lovely?) and got the ball rolling, having no clue or plan about what it might eventually be. Still today, the blog has a life of its own, and is driven by the little things that Chelsea and her husband come across in their everydays.

Lovely Indeed grew from a few readers a day to its current readership of approximately 70,000 pageviews monthly over the course of two years. Having moved away from being a mainly wedding-centric blog, it now covers a great range of topics including DIY projects, style, food, travel, and thoughts on marriage and relationships. Readers and fans of the site call it "fresh and hip," "unique and inspiring," and overall "creative, happy, and optimistic."

Readers come to Lovely Indeed not only to be exposed to new projects and ideas, but to enjoy the relaxed and positive atmosphere. Chelsea strives to make the blog a place where people can gather, share creativity, be inspired, and leave feeling that the world is just a little more lovely.